Music in the Church

Colossians 3.16 “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”

  1. History of music in worship
  1. Jubal “Father of those who play harp and flute” Gen 4.21
  2. David plays the harp very well I Sam. 16.23
  3. Heman and Jeduthun, with trumpets, cymbals and musical instruments

I Cron. 16.41-42

  1. References in Psalms to music and instruments are many 68.4, 81.1-2, 95.1, 98.6, 137.2, 150.3-5
  2. Jesus and the apostles Matthew 26.30
  3. The Church Acts 16.25-26
  4. Music in Heaven Rev. 5.9-10, and 14.2-3
  1. Purpose for music Eph 5.19 Col. 3.16,
  1. “Wisdom, Teaching, Admonishing” What does today’s music teach?
  2. “Grace in your heart to the Lord.” Church music should be a celebration of God’s grace in your life, and His potential grace for the unsaved.
  3. Praise songs: What does our music say about our God?
  1. Psalms: From the Bible
  2. Hymns: Common songs written for temple use of the day (old songs)
  3. Spiritual Songs: Perhaps songs written at the time, ie contemporary.
  1. Teaching through music!
  1. John Wesley “Preach what you will, let me write the songs.”
  2. About God “How Great Thou Art.”
  3. Looking heavenward “When we all get to heaven.”
  4. Redemption “Redeemed,” “Just as I am.”
  5. Commitment: “I need Thee Every Hour, ” “Seek Ye First.”
  6. Giving: “Give of Your best to the Master,”  “Sanctuary”
  7. Evangelism “Jesus Loves the little Children”
  8. Testimonials: “In the Garden,” “I know my Redeemer Lives”
  9. Worship: “O Worship the King,” “Come now it the Time to Worship.”
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